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Frederic Delarue is a world-renowned music composer, inspirational author, spiritual teacher, motivational speaker, angel communicator, and currently resides in California.

“My hands play what the Angels sing in my ears” quotes Frederic.

Frederic was born on a French farm in the year of 1963. Having had a Near Death Experience at age 12, becoming temporarily paralyzed at age 30, and later being visited by Jesus the day after a car accident at age 40, Frederic Delarue, a native of Chartres, France, has had many opportunities to see and experience the Blessings and the Light out of the tunnel.

His music is directly inspired by the Angels, soothes the body while uplifting the soul, relaxes, and focuses the mind on positive thoughts. His heartfelt music composed with a moving sincerity helps guide the listener by remembering to live the true radiance of their being.

He has also been blessed with the ability to play "The Music of Your Soul", a personalized CD that is created on demand based on the musical vibrations of someone's full name given to them at birth. Listening to your own vibrations helps to recollect and reconnect with the core essence of your being. It is an instant alignment while listening to the music of your soul.
Frederic was featured with Yanni, Kenny G, Vangelis and Kitaro on the benefit album, Cousteau's Dream in 2000 and has since composed, performed and produced the seven following albums of soothing music:

CDs Compilations by Real Piano
Cousteau's Dream - (With Yanni, Vangelis, Kitaro, Kenny G & Frederic Delarue)
Real Piano - (With Yanni... & Frederic Delarue)

CDs Solo
Voyage of the Soul - 2001
Soaring with the Angels - 2003
Dolphins… A Message of Love - 2005
Symphony of Light - 2006
Reflection - 2007
A Mind Like an Ocean - 2007
Eyes of Your Heart (2009)
Waves of Love with Frederic Delarue and Hemi-Sync (2009)
Musical Rapture (2011) Free mp3 download

Eyes of Your Heart (2009)

Filmed in Rennes le Chateau (France):
My Near-Death Experience Stories (2011)

Frederic has also extended his gift to guiding anyone who finds him, to purchase the right home for them or their family, or to sell their present home so they can move forward in their life. Please check out his real estate website at

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