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"MOMMY THAT'S THE MUSIC ANGELS MAKE IN HEAVEN!", said a 6 year-old boy. Betty Phillips PhD, NC, USA

I am moved to tears whenever I listen to this music... Marilyn Terrazas, California , USA

Amazing results! The music heals from within. Markus, Falkenberg, Sweden

The music is like "being washed with spring rain of sunshine..." Powerful experience. Květoslava Snášelová, Czech Republic

A true gift from Heaven! It is simply DIVINE! Thank you.Yamina Khennouchi, Metz, France

This music awakens the heart chakra, it is wonderful. Thank you. Jean-Michel Homo, Mazamet, France

I can feel the angelic energy of your music. It brings smiles to my heart. Peggy Watkins, Oregon, USA

This music is so soothing & healing and its ability to help me open my heart has been and continues to be PROFOUND. It has transformed me and changed my life! Marla Rose, Asheville, NC, USA

The beauty and purity of your music has touched me... Patti R-J, California, USA

I simply love this angel & dolphin music. It touches my soul at the deepest level. Sissel, Oslo, Norway

Your music helped me pick myself up when I start feeling depressed.. Debbie B H, NH, USA

This music sounds like it descends directly from heaven! Mircea Marinescu, Romania

I was truly touched with the sound of your music and songs. Music heals. Tove K., Denmark

"Music of the Miracles!" RJ Lannan, New Age Reporter Mag., USA

I want you to know how your music has helped me. Now I am PAIN FREE and feel wonderful. Norma Horst, Thousand Palms, California

Awesome life changing experience.    Carol H., Eugene, Oregon, USA

What you give to the world, and your followers is a gift beyond price. Dede, California

Your music is incredible, and you are an absolute blessing among us. When I finally reach the timeless "Hall of Records," I know it is your music that I will hear.    Traci, Florida

The music you compose with the help of the Angels is beautiful. It works like balm on my heart and soul.    Lilia, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Whenever I listen to your music it takes me to a place of quiet retreat where none of the world cares can reach me. I feel total bliss and peace.    Catherine S.

The "Music of The Soul" felt like a true and wonderful confirmation of the Love and Connection we feel for one another.    Rodney & Teresa, La Mesa, California

This man enters your soul and heals you pain. He warms your heart & enables your spirits to soar. Skip Sahota, Palm Springs, California, USA

When I listen to "Eyes of Your Heart," I feel myself wrapped in a blanket of pure peace. Linda, Michigan, USA

Musical Rapture (Free CD)

Musical Rapture (FREE)
Recommended for anyone needing
any type of healing...
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Download Free CD for Cancer Now

Set of 7 CDs relaxation music + inspirational book + DVD


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US$111.00 + shipping + sales tax

Eyes of Your Heart (book + CD)

Eyes of Your Heart (book + CD)
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US$30.00 + shipping + sales tax

Eyes of Your Heart (Book on NDE, Angels)

Eyes of Your Heart (book)
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(Kindle version)

Eyes of Your Heart (CD Soothing Music)

Eyes of Your Heart (CD)
The Power of Soothing Music

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Amazon Eyes of Your Heart Soothing Music CD
Amazon MP3 Eyes of Your Heart Soothing Music CD

A Mind Like An Ocean, CD Uplifting Music

Intense & Powerful Music
that will set you free!

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Reflection CD, Soothing Piano Music

Soothing Melodic Piano Music!
Meditation & Relaxation Music

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Symphony of Light CD, New Age Classical Music

Top 10 Adult Contemp. Album of 2006
Intense original music
inspired from classical pieces
Dedicated to the Angel on the Mountain
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CD Music of the Dolphins

DOLPHINS...A MESSAGE OF LOVE 'Music of the Miracles' quotes NAR

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Soaring with the Angels, Etheral Angelic Music

Ideal CD for Massage, Deep Relaxation!
Calms you down/helps you to fall asleep
Also calms down any pets!

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Voyage of the Soul CD, Powerful Healing Music

Melodies that inspire...Great for road trips
Also beneficial for healing purposes.

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Cousteau's Dream

Compilation of various Artists
With Yanni, Kenny G, Kitaro,
Vangelis, Frederic Delarue.
featuring a special version of
"Future of the Sea" (Voyage of the Soul)
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