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Symphony of Light(CD)
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This album could be described such as:
"When the Great Composers meet with Frederic Delarue..."
Dedicated to the Angel on the Mountain that guided me in the Palm Springs area
and inspired by the Great Classical Composers, the Angels and Archangels of Music.


“Symphony of Light” is a wonderful musical experience from start to finish. Frederic Delarue is a master of this kind of soothing, healing music - a feel-good experience with some substance. His CDs are available at and Recommended!
Kathy Parsons Mainly Piano

In "Symphony of Light" Frederic Delarue not only channels his angelic muse, he explores beautiful classical selections as they appear to him throughout his playing. This is a unique experience and I would recommend that you first listen to "Voyage of the Soul" to truly understand the heart of Frederic Delarue. To fully enjoy this selection you have to be aware that he is "channeling" musical masters and that this is a celebration of classical music. His inspiration includes: "Fur Elise," "Moonlight Sonata," "Mozart's Symphony #40." He also draws on inspiration from Strauss, Tchaikovsky and Schubert. His playing embodies a sense of tranquility and in this creation he draws on the past to unveil even more beauty captured in classical music. This is a warm and calming escape that has moments of recognition throughout, but retains Frederic Delarue's own sense of timing and energy. As a pianist/keyboardist he excels at creating musical landscapes filled with light and love. This album is no exception, but is exceptional in depth and the range of musical possibility. Frederic Delarue is also featured on the benefit album Cousteau's Dream along with Yanni, Kenny G, Kitaro and Vangelis. He was born in Chartres, France, so, it is no wonder his music embraces the heights of the spiritual experience all while remaining grounded in a sense of profound moments of joy as experienced here on earth. He has also recently toured Japan and Washington State, USA. If you open your heart to Frederic Delarue's creations you will be blessed by a feeling of peace and beauty. You will also gain a sense of a renewed clarity of vision. His playing is truly a gift from celestial realms and he seems to mainly channel the love of God in his heart-filled expressions. After listening to his music I feel as content as a kitten curled up in a warm blanket. It is truly a thing of beauty and this CD in particular takes me back to the days when my mother would play classical music as I fell asleep. I like the cover of this album because it seems to speak of an openness to receiving love/light from God and giving it back to the world. Truly when you hear all of Frederic Delarue's CDs, you know he is connected to the source of love. ~The Rebecca Review