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This new album has been totally inspired by the dolphins themselves. They brought me very deep into meditation, into the Essence of who we all are.
The dolphins say they know they are made of love and they need people to spread the consciousness to the world now because they say: you, humans, don't know or don't want to accept you are made of love, as well, which bring onto your world on earth chaos.

This album has been a great revelation to me. It has been inspired by the dolphins but composed entirely with my heart and from the heart.
The dolphins are very connected to the Heart Chakra. They want to teach us how to free ourselves from negative emotions and use and focus our Heart with only Pure Vibrations of Love.

I am so honored to release this new album, dedicated to the dolphins for all of us.

They are Love, Light, Peace, Harmony, Joy, Heartfelt, and they only want to give us the opportunity to open up to these feelings with trust, faith for our Highest and Best.



How many encounters with providence does it take for one man to acknowledge its influence? For pianist and composer Frederic Delarue the magic number was three times. Two major auto mishaps and an encounter with like sentient beings, the dolphins. Once he listened to his spirit guides, angels and beings of light, Frederic knew what his direction in life was to be. That of a musician with a special message to impart to others and he wrote the music placed in his heart. Dolphins…A Message of Love is the result. His contemplative compositions, channeled through the love from the dolphins are ambient New Age for the most part as they convey a message of hope, love and good wishes. Who are we to reject this gift? I for one accept it and with gratitude. Frederic’s music is a synthesized interplay of soothing, gentle tunes and melancholy tracks that enliven the spirit, heal the soul and relax the body. The first track is appropriately called Welcome. Basking in the glow of the dolphin’s positive energy and accompanied by the sounds of gentle surf and dolphin-speak, the music expands with a pipe organ sound and the voices of angels. There is no doubt that here lies strength, beauty and power. Track 3, Waves of Love is my favorite cut. The ebb and flow of ocean sound, the echo of woodwinds and the sparkling piano score presents a heartfelt offering of warm, contemplative music. It is a simple melody and yet it suggests a feeling of reverence that flows in many directions. A Message of Love is a perfect title for this beautiful and evocative tune that exudes positive energies. Delarue’s forceful piano lead commands this emotional tune with background vocals of dolphin-speak, ocean waves and synthesized voices. His music flows like the sea, a sometimes salty death for humans, but a giver of life to so many other species. Marie De La Mer (Mary of the Ocean) is a very artful rendition using Charles Gounod’s Ave Maria. The musical prayer is often said as a call for help for a mortal dilemma, but Delarue has woven it into a message that has common appeal and a common purpose. Revelation at 8:35, the longest tune on the album, is the best track on Dolphins…A Message of Love. I am thinking that Delurue’s second encounter with death made him write these beautiful, heartrending notes of discovery and joi de vive as he realized that life was such a special gift and not to be taken for granted. The message here is we all have the gift and not to take it lightly, ever. Lastly, as if he couldn’t help himself, is the tune Rejoice, a dance groove that finishes up the album nicely. Pounding beat, echoing voices and blissful keyboard score make you realize that it’s great just to be alive. You can almost imagine the dolphins leaping delightfully as you travel over the waves. Every creature has a playful nature. Delarue was born in the magical city of Chartres, France home of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. He suffered a car wreck as a pre-teen and realized he was allowed life for a reason. Flash forward to California, 2003 and car wreck number two, another near death experience for Frederic. Again he was again allowed to keep on living. For him, his new journey was clear. He embraced his faith, his personal philosophies and his music began to take shape. He has two other albums, Voyage of the Soul and Soaring With The Angels and is noted for adding his talents to the to ttribute album Cousteau’s Dream. Frederic Delarue has combined Eastern philosophies, Western idealism and the hallowed symbiosis of two sentient races. It is no wonder that his music has universal appeal. Rating: Very Good

"Dolphins: A Message of Love" is quite simply one of the most beautiful albums I've heard in a long time. Frederic Delarue's third album of original instrumental works is stunning in its richness, passion, and joy. Using Korg and Kurzweil synthesizers/keyboards/ samplers, Delarue has created vibrant, inspiring music, and some tracks feature the sounds of dolphins and the ocean. Several pieces are piano-based and some feature wordless vocals that give them a very ethereal sound. I really like Delarue's first two albums, "Voyage of the Soul" and "Soaring With the Angels," but think this is by far his best work to date. "Calming" and "soothing" are words that come to mind, but the music goes beyond that, as it can be listened to many times with full attention without getting "old," and yet is very effective in the background. There aren't many albums where I thoroughly enjoy every track, but I love this one! Delarue truly composes and plays from the heart, and his sincerity and emotional depth are compelling. The CD opens with the sound of the surf, dolphin "clicks," and heavenly voices. Ambient, floating sounds set the tone of the album, creating a sense of peace and tranquility. "Ballet of Light" is playful and free, with a simple piano melody and lovely string washes. "Sincere Communion" is a gorgeous piece, again piano-based with strings, voices, and soothing ambient sounds; it almost feels like dreaming on a cloud. "Marie de la Mer" is a lovely piece that must have been inspired by the Bach/Gounod "Ave Maria." Heavenly! The first part of "Revelation" hints at a very slow Pachelbel "Canon," and evolves into a very quiet and meditative piece that tugs at the heart while soothing the mind. Other titles include "Calm In My Spirit," "Splash of Joy," and "Angels of the Sea," suggesting correctly that this music is peaceful, joyful, and deeply felt. In addition to the twelve tracks that were inspired by the dolphins, the CD includes two bonus tracks, "Dance of Love" and "Rejoice," which feature more of a "dance mix" feeling with rhythm tracks and an upbeat, fun, spirit. Sure to be on my Top 10 for 2004, "Dolphins" is very highly recommended!
Kathy Parsons Mainly Piano

My experience with Frederic Delarue began with his "Eyes of Your Heart" CD, the most beautiful music I have ever heard. It is not only beautiful ethereal piano composition, but more importantly, it is so vibrationally superb. The Dolphins is my second Delarue CD and Frederic's third album and it is very beautiful. It is from 2004. He says it was a "calling" to spread consciousness of infinite pure love to the world. It was inspired by the dolphins and composed from his heart. Woven throughout much of the music are dolphin sounds and waves. This CD has 12 tracks, plus 2 bonus tracks, totaling 63:40 minutes or a wee bit over 1 hour. The tracks blend together nicely with only a slight pause in between, barely noticeable. ...
This music is beyond excellent for an alternative therapy, such as Reiki, Meditation, etc. This is a wonderful gift for someone who is in need of healing or is terminally ill, or just for someone who "believes". Play it anywhere to raise the vibration, but to do it justice, also play it somewhere where you can stop everything and really FEEL the music, without distractions. Tune into it and tune all else out. Surely you can find an hour for yourself once in awhile. I feel its vibrations of peace and love long after the CD has ended. Of course, if energy vibration is not your thing, then use this music to relax completely with and get a good night's sleep. This type of music has vibratory blessings that are not obvious to all. These are vibrations you either feel or you don't. By the way, it's neat to watch the computer visualizations if you play it on the computer because of the way the music flows. The "alchemy" visualization was pretty cool to watch.
Kathy W. Top 500 Reviewer for

Oceanic textures, waves and dolphin "clicks" are part of the charm of this beautiful soul escape. While Voyages of the Soul is still my ultimate favorite in his CD collection, this is also a must-have CD if you love the richness and spiritual depths of Frederic Delarue's musical creations. The music is created using Korg and Kurzweil synthesizer samplers and the clarity of the oceanic sounds is truly stunning. You feel as if you are standing on the shore with superior hearing capabilities.
Relaxing Oceanic Escape to Calm the Soul, September 28, 2006 By Rebecca Johnson "" (Washington State) - See all my reviews Oceanic textures, waves and dolphin "clicks" are part of the charm of this beautiful soul escape. While Voyages of the Soul is still my ultimate favorite in his CD collection, this is also a must-have CD if you love the richness and spiritual depths of Frederic Delarue's musical creations. The music is created using Korg and Kurzweil synthesizer samplers and the clarity of the oceanic sounds is truly stunning. You feel as if you are standing on the shore with superior hearing capabilities. Every nuance is explored in "Welcome." "Ballet of Light" is a beautiful piano piece with delicate flourishes and heightened heart awareness. You start to feel an emotional connection to a place beyond the earthly existence. Floating out into the ocean beneath a night sky sprinkled with vibrant stars, you embrace a higher state of consciousness. You can feel love flowing through every cell in your body; the state people have searched for endlessly throughout time. It is amazing how easily you can reach this peaceful embrace through Frederic Delarue's music. Each track on this CD is a new experience. "Waves of Love" creates a silent knowing that everything in your life is exactly as it should be. "Marie De La Mer" is inspired by "Ave Maria" and is rare in beauty. "Revelation" is reminiscent of classical composers and is quietly meditative. "Splash of Joy" is more energetic with touches of happiness. "From My Heart" is exquisite and profound and perfectly balances the heights and depths of beauty in this album. "Angels of the Sea" is an almost mystical awakening in warm waves of ethereal echoes. "Reverence" is playful with nature sounds and splashing waves. Two bonus tracks follow and they explore an awakening rhythmic escape. They do not follow the mood of the CD as much as the first 12 tracks, but they explore many more dimensions of Frederic Delarue's creative power. Frederic Delarue was born in Chartres, France, the home of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. So, it is no wonder his music embraces the heights of the spiritual experience all while remaining grounded in a sense of profound moments as experienced here on earth. He has also recently toured Japan and Washington State, USA. If you enjoy oceanic textures in music then "Dolphins: A Message of Love" is one of the most exquisite journeys you can experience in this lifetime. I've listened to many CDs with the sounds of the ocean, but none of them opened my heart this way! This is soul shivering in beauty! Highly Recommended for soul healing, relaxation, meditation, heightened creativity, moments of absolute peace and enhancing the feeling of all-pervading love! AKG headphones take this experience to new levels! I can also highly recommend Voyage of the Soul. ~The Rebecca Review