1111 Experience by Debra

Dear Ones -

I would like to share my 11/11 experience.

The 11:11 has long held significance to me for decades - at first I didn't understand why at all, then over the years I intuited, or 'recognized' it as a type of 'portal' - I just always knew it was significant. This year I felt strongly compelled to drive to Palm Springs to attend an Angel Concert given by/channeled through the beautiful musician Frederic Delarue ( www.fredericdelarue.com ) who I'd met recently - having found his music through worldpuja.org a couple months ago.

Anyway, I KNEW I had to attend - so I took the maybe 90 minute drive east. Never having been to Palm Springs before, other than a strange, quick stop when I took the Amtrak cross country in July, I was looking forward to a new view of things. Half hour out of town I turned on the radio - the song 'Angel of The Morning' was playing. I laughed heartily! A piece of rainbow to the north seemed to affirm my trip, too, as it hung awhile. My phone service had been cut off, so I had no distractions. I just followed where I was led from within.

I got to Palm Springs around 3 pm, ate the salad I'd brought along, checked in at a visitor's center to ask about Indian Canyons - a place Frederic had suggested might be nice to check out. The folks at the visitor's center said it would likely be closed, but I followed my instincts…. And though I didn't arrive at the canyons until almost 4 pm, I learned they close the grounds at 5, so I would have time for a sort of 'preview'. The kind woman at the small gatehouse suggested that since I had only an hour I might go straight to Palm Canyon, then up to Andreas Canyon after. I took her suggestion as clear guidance, and turns out that hour yielded something extremely precious.

As soon as I drove past the entry gate, I was on lands so pristine and untouched and it felt like I'd stepped back in time at least a thousand years. The one lane road winds down a valley, around which desert hills stand, dotted with a good number of plant species, and lit by the late afternoon sun, cloud forms that just didn't seem of this world. At a couple of turns, signs warn of the road's narrowness, and to proceed at 25 mph - I laughed as I was doing about 15, so amazed was I at the scenery.

At Palm Canyon, I parked in a lot that surely must be filled in summers, however at the time only held 2 other cars. I peeked into the small Trading Post, but quickly moved on to the trail that led below. A stand of ancient fan palms clustered like angels themselves on both sides of a little stream. The stark presence of these trees set an immediate calm and sense of respect and gratitude. At Andreas Canyon, I marveled at the gigantic rock formations, the enormous boulders, and the beautiful wide stream that tumbled over large rocks with a voice that beckoned I sing along. It was the perfect sacred ground to call to the ancestors, as well as to have some quiet time with the Great Mother, setting my intentions and putting forth the prayers for myself and all those in my 'tribe'. It was so hard to leave - It all felt so familiar and peaceful. Holy, holy, holy.

I still had two hours before the concert was to begin. I had thought I might have a little 'artist's walk' at the gallery and restaurant lined main drag through the town. But it was a bit livelier and more crowded than what I truly needed, so I drove to locate the Spiritual Center, then found a quiet place to wait.

The concert was scheduled to begin at 7pm. I noticed a few cars arriving, so I went in half hour early, giving me a lovely opportunity to meet others who were also 'called' to attend. Frederic had finished setting up in the large room that had a stage area. His CDs were displayed with a large bowl of key limes he'd brought to share with us. A large bookshelf featured titles the Center had for sale. Along a far wall a bulletin board showed events and information about programs. More people arrived - from San Diego, Laguna, Orange County and areas closer by. I felt so happy to see them all (again) and spoke to several as we waited. I 'picked up' certain things from a few people, and handed over to God whatever would be needed to follow through.

It felt to me like some kind of intergalactic royal / clan gathering of light workers. My guess is that maybe 45 or 50 people were present and each person brought something unique to the experience. I felt enormous love swelling up as I observed them, joining them in this space.

The very dear Reverend Michael took the low stage and welcomed us all, sharing how Frederic had come into his life. Frederic followed. He shared with us a little of his personal story and the background on how he came to experience and accept this gift that comes through him. He pointed out that when he does the work with the angels, he himself (at the human/ego level) never knows what will transpire, but it's always healing.

Well, it being 11/11, we were all ready and opened wholly for what took place. We began the meditation as Frederic played, his voice guiding us through the experience. Two angels were invited to guide and protect each person present - later I asked mine their names and received this information! What followed was nearly two hours of a shared journey together in a Light Flight for which there are no words. But I'm still going to try….

Enormously healing, extremely sacred, and very intense time - I become one with all who were present, with God, with the Angels. I had already submitted my goals and even had beside me a folder of names, manifestation guides, and prayers - and I sat there, allowing them to go wherever needed for the highest good of all.

As the music came through, as the Angels began to speak, I followed. Almost immediately, every cell of my body opened to receive. The music moved me so deeply and touched the very core of my being profoundly. It was so very easy for me to surrender…

The angels lifted me far into space - a void/not void - their presence invisible but also palpable as we soared, me safely in their embrace - almost as though they were pushing a bit but without any force…..like HERE - go HERE…

Unlimited and free, I was still somewhat aware of my body in the chair, the tears flowing down my face, the support of my beloved angels.

I was given lovely visions, rapturous views. The three that were most vivid were: The Goddess - whose almost crystalline form was much like Athena but also Mary and a bit of Kwan Yin. All strength, wisdom and compassion. Like a great breathing statue of liberty where a blindfold had been taken off. She stood enormously across many galaxies and I flew from her feet upward, in a clockwise spiral, carrying shimmering purple 'cloth' with reddish metallic strands and gold woven through it - it was like a gigantic heavenly ribbon. I wrapped it 3 times around her 'legs and torso' as I moved up the spiral, then wound along to the outspread arms, each of which I encircled with the cloth. In her left hand, several constellations rested, including the Pleiades - I almost felt her wink! Her right arm was extended so far I couldn't see the entire hand - both arms out like a wide V.

The angels felt like endless golden arcs of love - but I could 'see' forms like faces the size of moons, trailing energy / light / wings …. as we progressed. We sailed from the Pleiades between galaxies. I was 'shown' light-beings from far far away - I could see bodies that were almost like glass but made only of light. See-through be-ings doing something that seemed like 'work' or 'organizing'. I was aware that some were conscious of my presence, too. At one point we (those present) and the various diamonds of light I could see as 'us' - connected bazillions of light years apart through a web of love joining. Guided together, we turned our love onto the wee Earth below and fully encompassed it. Our love joined with All That Is in a cosmic union affirming everything I Know.

Frederic's voice changed slightly a few times throughout, and the music flowed from the Thought of the Great Divine, pouring, twinkling, rising, extending, healing through many dimensions. I had another vision of myself as a beautiful, mature woman wearing a long white gown blown by interstellar winds. My arms were also open - and I received the return of my son into my heart. He came smiling, and we embraced, then I soared upward in a spiral dance with my entire clan - all glowing a white/gold - hand in hand, my daughters, my mother and all my earth blood family, my extended family, my beloved friends, co-workers, those from various groups to which I have aligned. It was a joyous dance across time, the strand woven through each hand and heart a vibrant LOVE, forgiveness, appreciation.

I was so overjoyed, and the angels pointed out my body - the tears had mostly dried on my face or rolled down my cheeks - but three distinct drops - fat and with a consistency like mercury - fell directly onto my heart chakra and were instantly absorbed. I knew my heart had been healed and I would soon come to see all forms of manifestation in alignment with that. I could feel my angels almost sighing as I recognized so much and when I asked, I heard my angels' names as Aurelia and Michael. I bless those names! I had also been asked to seek the angels' guidance on the name of a forthcoming child of some dear friends. The angels whispered more names to me. I felt a part of my ego-self resist, but then I let go again.

At one point I was alone, riding the wings of a sky-wide white owl - an enormous creature! I had my hands wrapped gently over the wing parts closest to the back of its head and my robes flowed behind but I was still quite tiny on this large, beautiful creature. The most spectacular sensation was the freedom of it. The supreme be-ingness of it - joy beyond compare, I laughed and cried and WAS Sophia/Wisdom through the ages.

Beyond bliss, I can only continue to choose the word 'holy' as the entire evening was a gift beyond the veil, truly of God, and carrying a blessing that is going to manifest enormous wonder for the lines and tribes of everyone present as well as those with whom we joined in our heart space.

When we 'returned' two hours later, no one could move or speak. We had become the music. We had merged into the breath of God on the wings of angels and affirmed our 'assignments' that we might continue on, linked through Divine Love and the unlimited Grace that IS.

Eventually, the room settled back into its usual appearance. A beautiful 82 year young woman dressed in glittering black shared her healing experience and how she had come to the concert 'by accident'. Oh, how wonderful these surprises are, eh?! A man married for 50 years to his lovely wife gave thanks as well, and then people moved to share words or hugs and exchange a few moments together before we all headed our various ways.

I got back in my car, witnessing the amazing winds as I drove along Highway 111 back to the I-10. The stars glowed above in a way they only seem to in the deep desert, or when I've been at sea. I felt profoundly reconnected and so deeply blessed!

I AM ONE with YOU and as you continue your journey, and your life, your work, know that I AM here with you, doing my own in my little corner of this seeming world. I send you gratitude and appreciation and much gladness in the Divine Knowing. I bless YOUR name. I bless your existence. I AM more the blessed because of what we share.

May you ever know only ALL that is good and joyous and beautiful. Always, in all ways! I howl with delight always. I continue to humbly surrender and powerfully embrace this holy journey that is my awakening life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Today, at Thanksgiving, every day, every 11:11, every moment in between. THANK YOU! With love,

Debra aka Mom / Sis / Auntie Deb / Fiona / The Navigator / V. Wolfe / Whatzhername