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Clearing Kit
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Pocket size
This kit contains: a BioSonics™ Crystal Tuner,
and a pocketed carry pouch for protection.
It also contains a quartz crystal (from Brazil, that I have lovingly selected for you).

Easily Clears Unwanted Energy
Use it to clear your aura and/or to clear space(s), or your other crystals, stones, etc
Send waves of good energy, connecting heaven and earth, with these simple tools.

This kit contains: a BioSonics™ Crystal Tuner™, and a handmade pocketed carry pouch for protection of the tools, when not in use. It also contains a clear quartz crystal from Brazil, personally selected and chosen by Frederic Delarue. You may also choose to use your very own crystal or another one, but please make sure to choose one that responds positively to your needs, and remember not to share your crystal with anybody else, as it is a very personal and intimate tool.

About the crystal: This quartz crystal is very special. Its energy is pure as this crystal has not yet been used for any other purpose before the one you are giving it. Anything you may perceive as imperfections in the shape are naturally created and contribute to your crystal's identity and desirability for this purpose. Quartz crystals possess an awareness of their purpose, and not every crystal is appropriate for this use. Again, let me emphasize to you that your crystal has been specially selected and lovingly tested for use by Frederic Delarue.

How to use the kit: Gently take the crystal and place it in the palm of one hand, and hold the Crystal Tuner™ by its handle with the other hand. Gently tap the flat part of the fork tine on an edge or the rough end of the crystal (not on the tip.) The Crystal Tuner™ will vibrate and radiate a clear and pure crystal sound. Keep your hands about 18" apart, and reach out towards the space you want to clear with both hands, allowing the energy to flow both between the quartz crystal and the Crystal Tuner™, and also flow out into the space. Feel the energy move out into the room, like waves of water moving away and envision a receptacle, such as a trash can, or a pool of water, filled with white, cleansing light, positioned outside of the space you are clearing, and send the energy into that 'receptacle.' Repeat several times, each time while feeling the movement of the energy moving away from your aura or space you wish to clear, out towards 'receptacle.' If clearing a large space, move yourself to different angles of the room, and repeat the process until you feel the space has been totally cleared.

How it works: The fundamental tone of planet Earth is 8 cycles per second (cps). The Crystal Tuner™ sounds at 4096 cps, 9 octaves above the frequency of earth. This 9th octave frequency opens doorways to the angelic kingdoms, so by sounding the frequency, you are accessing higher realms. The quartz crystal represents the planet earth, and the sound created by the crystal and the tuning fork bridges heaven and earth. When the quartz is held in the hand, and the Crystal Tuner™ is held near it, you can actually feel the vibration flow through the quartz. The felt frequency opens space between the molecules of the quartz, allowing it to be energized and reflecting more light. The pure sound, light and energy move away from the source (you) in waves of vibration, acting much like waves in a pool of water.

When to clear space: Anytime! Anywhere! The vibrations of life fill up wherever people are, even when you are making an attempt to keep the space clear. You may clear your space daily, or more often if you like.
Many people clear space before they do certain work, healings, meditations, or ceremonies. You might like to clear the space around yourself at your workplace, or in public rooms, or when you are traveling and staying in hotel or motel rooms. Use your intuition and imagination. Benefits of using the Crystal Tuner™ and Quartz Crystal to clear space: " A non-confrontational way to smooth uneven energies, either in a space or in a situation. " Self-cleaning (see instructions below.) " With normal use, the tuner is guaranteed to never wear out or break. " Convenient: the small size allows it to be carried in a pocket, purse, or tucked in a suitcase when traveling. " The frequency is calibrated, exactly like a medical instrument, creating an exceptionally clear tone. " The precise sound gives consistent, discernible results. Teachers use it to clear classrooms between groups of students. Practitioners (health or religious) use it between clients to start fresh with each session. Travelers use it to chase away old energies in motel and hotel rooms. Individuals use it to clear unwanted energies from apartments, houses, and cars. Speakers use it before meetings, to clear old energies and to connect the group. Other use: Use the Crystal Tuner™ to clear and refresh all your crystals and stones! Use it to generate a clear open space for learning, creating, or to clear a room after an unpleasant episode.

How to clear a person: You can perform a clearing on a person to remove unhappy, unclear, foggy, or scattered energy. A clearing may also be used to prepare them to be fully present to whatever is needed: a job interview, a physical or emotional healing, or anything else that may be needed.

Ask the person to stand in front of you, and guide him/her to be relaxed. Tap the fork on the crystal (as described on the other side of this page,) and aim the vibration at their heart area. Let it penetrate for a moment, (if the person seems to be responding in some way to the vibration, keep aiming at that spot until they stop responding.) When the time is right, gently move your hands so the vibration is aimed at their feet. You will probably want to tap the crystal again when you reach the feet. Then, move the vibration up their body, until you are aiming it over their head. If you want to clear them from the back as well, ask them to turn around while the vibration is over their head, and gently aim it all the way down to their feet again. Finally, ask them to turn and to take a deep breath, and aim one final tap at their heart area again. Although you are moving gently and slowly, the whole process should only take about 2 minutes, and your will probably tap the crystal 5 or 6 times total.

This is an example, a basis for you, on how the kit could be used. However, once again, I invite you to use your intuition and learn to feel how to use this kit to the best of your ability and for the best of the interests of the person or the space that needs the clearing.

Thank you for purchasing this kit, and enjoy its multi use.

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